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Where to buy film

Where to buy film

Finding film to buy on your local high street has been a tough task. Thankfully there are many online stores catering for film photography requirements, and still a few bricks & mortar stores in the right places. Checkout my list of online and stores ‘IRL’ below.


When it comes to buying online, I’m normally going for who’s selling the cheapest and delivery cost. These are the sites I’ve ordered from at good prices, and received good customer service and delivery.


  • Parallax Photographic (Brixton, London):
  • Aperture (nr Tottenham Court Road): One of the well known and reputable film camera sellers of the UK, Aperture stock film as well. There’s an ice cream counter which serves a variety of cold film. Choose your flavour!
  • Mr Cad (nr Victoria): I’ve already listed Mr Cad in my post about film cameras, suffice to say, they’ll happily sell you film whilst your lusting at the cameras and lenses. Expect to find the usual film suspects including quite a lot of large format film.
  • Process Supplies (Farringdon): A 5 minute trek from Farringdon underground station. These guys are knowledgeable and stock the usual stuff, nothing extravagant.
  • KVJ Fairdeal (Aldgate East): A small pokey consumables shop that happens to sell a decent collection of Ilford and other film. Exclusively 35mm and not a camera shop, but useful to know if you’re short on film and about to embark on that street photog jaunt up Brick Lane!
  • Wexphoto Video (nr Aldgate East station): Not a film or darkroom specialist, but they do stock the standard range of film, paper, and darkroom bits and pieces. USed to be right next to Euston station as Calumet, but have relocated since merging with Wex Photographic

Seemingly no longer trading