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Where to buy film cameras in the UK

Last updated 5th November 2018

In light of forever assessing and wanting to add to an unnecessarily growing collection of film cameras and lenses here’s my list of UK camera shops that I’ve either visited, or ordered from, or just keep checking for that desirable rare piece.

My top picks

These are the camera sales companies I’ve bought from a few times and trust very much. I judge them by the quality of their descriptions, customer service, quality of their website, and, price (I don’t mean cheap, I mean not overpricing!)

Some others I’ve visited in London (if they’re not in the list above)

All of the below are easy to get to over a couple of hours. Very useful if you’re in the city hunting for a particular item.

Those I’ve bought from online

Those I check for kit but haven’t bought from (yet!)

I would love it if anyone has any others to share.

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