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Intermediate black & white darkroom printing workshop

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Step up and further your darkroom printing knowledge with photographer and darkroom expert, Les Meehan.

This year (2020) sees the introduction of the intermediate level darkroom printing workshop. A workshop designed to help darkroom users to print with a greater level of control and efficiency, to professional standards.

This day-long workshop will teach you how to:

  1. make ‘one-exposure’ proof sheets;
  2. use the f/Stop printing method;
  3. use two different split-grade printing methods;
  4. use print ‘flashing’ for high tone value control;
  5. create a dodging/burning ‘plan’;
  6. make local tone and contrast adjustments (dodging/burning);
  7. make and use shaped dodging/burning masks.

Who should attend this workshop?

Anyone with the basic darkroom skills i.e. capable of making a normal black & white print on resin-coated multigrade paper. If you need to learn the basics of darkroom printing first, please browse our list of basic workshops.

I’ve been developing and printing my own black and white material for over 40 years and always wondered why my prints were not anywhere near the standard of some of the great stuff I’d seen in books and magazines. Having been on the intermediate printing course I can now see exactly what I was doing wrong and Les has given me a set of techniques and a level of understanding to enable me to make consistently high quality prints without huge amounts of trial and (mostly) error. I thoroughly enjoyed the course and Les’s teaching style and can heartily recommend it. Tim P, recent workshop attendee

What to expect on the day

What you will need

Just one thing, a developed roll of black and white 35mm or medium format.

Schedule for the day

About your tutor, Les Meehan

Recently returned to his roots in the Northwest, Les has been a professional photographer for over 35 years. Having run his own London based commercial studio for many years, he is an expert in studio lighting and a specialist in analogue photography and black and white printing in all formats up to 8 x 10.

Les is a passionate and experienced photography tutor and has conducted workshops in the UK, France, and more recently in Spain. He also has had solo exhibitions in the UK, France and Spain and is the author of seven commissioned books on photography (both analogue and digital).

Les has a mission – to help make you a more skilled photographer!

Membership to the darkroom

You will need to complete this workshop, or the basic printing and film development workshops to qualify to use the darkroom as a member, by yourself.

*Attendees must be over 16 years of age.

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