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Dan King, Twentieth Century Modern: Places of Worship

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From 7th Feb to 21st Mar 2019

Aspects of mid-20th century architecture are not favoured
by the public. Due to dwindling attendances and the resulting lack of funding, modern churches have become some of the most vulnerable buildings in the country, which can result
n radical redevelopment or demolition.

Twentieth Century Modern: Places of Worship highlights the
broad diversity and common themes across the architecture commissioned by various denominations throughout the latter part of last century. The collection provides a photographic record of some of these buildings before they are altered or lost forever.

The exhibition will display 18 of the church photographs. A booklet
of all 40 images will also be available to purchase for £10.

Dan King book

Exhibition booklet

£9 + postage and packaging

210mm x 210mm, 42-page colour booklet with an additional 21 images to accompany the 18 exhibition images. Purchasing this booklet will fund future exhibitions and gallery programmes.