Lightbox darkroom

New workshops

Now Lightbox has got a few workshops under its belt, I’ve managed to update the website with a reasonably better looking list of upcoming sessions.

Workshops will be split into half day sessions of black and white film development, colour film development, and black and white printing. I hope to add colour printing to the list soon, as well as some one off’s such as subject-specific film shooting workshops.

I’ve also changed how darkroom inductions work. To complete a full induction, both the film development and the printing workshops need to be attended. Previously, I was too optimistic that both film development and printing could both be fitted into around three hours. They don’t!

However, if you book both workshops together (normally £20 each), the cost will be £30 instead. A bargain deal for spending the day learning how to create wonderful images and prints.

Come and book a place on one of the sessions, spaces are limited!