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Where to buy film in the UK

Last updated 7th January 2021

My local city of Liverpool is, unfortunately, lacking in a decent supply chain for both 35mm and medium format film. Only the city’s flagship photography gallery, Open Eye, and Wilkinson Cameras stock a small selection of the decent stuff, at a pretty price. Otherwise, it’s the stock £1-a-roll Agfa Vista 200 from Poundland.

Luckily, work takes me to the capital on a regular basis, in which I am often found handing over my halfpennies to the film peddlers of London town.

So, here’s a list of online and London-based film sellers. Assume each entry covers 35mm and medium format unless stated otherwise; and colour and black and white, because they normally do it all.


When it comes to buying online, I’m normally going for who’s selling the cheapest and delivery cost. These are the sites I’ve ordered from at good prices, and received good customer service and delivery.


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