Lightbox darkroom

January 2017 darkroom progress update

There was a grand idea to have the darkroom built by Christmas (2016). Ambition gave way to much needed family downtime during the period, so progress was slow. However, it’s 2017 and we’re forging ahead!

As mentioned on the homepage, we are literally building the darkroom from the ground up. Well, actually from the roof down. We shall a finished roof to work under as of this weekend (28th January). From then on, we have to:

We’ve had some promising news of a significant donation possibly coming our way. A stainless steel darkroom wash basin. Fingers crossed.

Currently, we’re aiming for a slightly optimistic target of having all but fitting the darkroom done by the end of February. That’s next month, 2017. Now that the roof is all but on, I intend to tweet more about progress with pictures. So, follow Lightbox on Twitter.