Lightbox Darkroom is closing down in October 2022.

Lightbox darkroom

Lightbox Darkroom is closing

Closing October 2022

Lightbox opened in the summer of 2017 as a community darkroom with an aim to make traditional film-based photography accessible to as many people as possible. In the five years since opening, over 200 people have attended workshops and learnt how to develop film and print traditional wet prints.

But, after five years, it is time for me to move on from Lightbox Darkroom. I am planning several life changes over the next few years and therefore cannot commit to maintaining and running a darkroom.

It’s been an amazing experience teaching and meeting people, many of whom have become good friends. I thank everyone who attended a workshop, all which have been fun. And a special thank you to members of the darkroom – past and present – who helped fund its existence.

Membership and workshop until December

Currently, a September workshop will go ahead as planned. No bookings have been made for Oct or Nov, so I have cancelled the dates listed. Current memberships will run until October. I will cancel all Stripe subscriptions beyond then.

Equipment sale

I will need to let all the equipment in the darkroom go, for a price of course (the venture was never a money-spinner – I need to recoup my initial investment!) Below is a list of equipment that will become available after the doors close.

Reasonable offers will be considered before they eventually get listed on Ebay at the end of the year. Contact me with any offers.