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Discounts with Parallax Photographic

Since setting up Lightbox Darkroom, one photographic supplier has stood out to me above all others, and that supplier is Parallax Photographic. Now you can get discounts at Parallax through Lightbox.

Discounts offer to darkroom members and workshop attendees

If you are a Lightbox Darkroom member, or attending a workshop, you can benefit from discounts from Parallax Photographic. Film, paper, or chemicals; simply let me know what you’d like to purchase and Lightbox can place an order with a discount applied – no commission for Lightbox.

Check out Parallax Photographic’s website and browse their wide range of products.

About Parallax Photographic Coop

Parallax Photographic, as a company at least, are the new kids on the block. Their business is designed to cater for a new generation of film shooters and printers. Parallax are integral to the regrowth of film photography in the UK. In fact, they’ve written some great articles about developing film which are well worth reading if you’re coming to a Lightbox workshop.

Having met some of the gang, and placed a few orders with them, I can say they’re nothing short of a great bunch to deal with and very efficient. So, if you’re looking to shoot some film before coming to the darkroom, just give me a shout.