Lightbox Gallery


Lightbox Gallery showcases photographic work exclusively developed using traditional film and darkroom techniques.

Located at Ropes & Twines, Bold Street, one of Liverpool’s hippest and busiest high streets, the gallery runs a year-round programme of exhibitions.

The gallery has been created by a group of creatives who have a love for traditional photography. We hope to build a community around this passion and engage with those who are purveyors, masters, or fresh to the practice of this visual form.

The gallery is looking to create a network of project-based photographers, artists, and creators who value traditional film and darkroom processes. It will bring new and old work to a wide audience and be part of the revival of traditional photographic practices.

Gallery submissions

Lightbox is actively seeking submissions for bodies of photographic work to exhibit in 2019. It'd be great to start a conversation with anyone who has an interesting project completed or currently in progress.

We're looking for:

  • bodies of work which are documentary and/or have a strong narrative thread – work should be story-led, accompanied with a summary text (background, project goals, etc.);
  • at least 18 images for display - the space will have 18 frames available for prints up to 26"x26" and an area for smaller framed pieces;
  • available for at least 6 weeks. Exhibits will likely last around 6-8 weeks.
  • All work must be film-based. However, digital prints are fine from scans. (If you're printing black and white film digitally, you should really be printing in Lightbox's darkroom!) Since Lightbox runs a darkroom, we have the facilities to print your work for the exhibit – this could form part of our collaboration together.

We're NOT looking for:

  • typical trends in film-based photography, without good reason (for example, multiple-exposure cross-processed expired film shots with light leaks because 'film is not dead'!);
  • similarly, a lack of narrative and a synopsis as to the reason behind the work – we really are looking to some meaning other than it looks nice or 'I'm a street photographer, innit';
  • only a few image submission (see above).

If you think you've got something worth working together on then send an email and we'll get talking.