Lightbox darkroom

Membership & hire


You need to have completed a Lightbox Darkroom workshop or be a proven professional photographer with darkroom experience before you can book time into the darkroom.

To use the darkroom you will need to pay for membership. You can pay for a single day at £25 per day; a single month, at £30 per month. Or, if you commit to an annual twelve months membership, it’s £12.50 per month.

Each membership will allow you to use the darkroom when it’s available. General availability is listed in the table below.


  • £20 per day
  • Pay for a day only</a>
  • A full day only from 9.00am – 9.00pm, or anything in between.


  • £30 per month
  • Pay for a month only
  • As much reasonable access as you need and is available
  • Equivalent to £360 annually


  • £12.50 per month, paid monthly
  • 12 monthly payments
  • As much reasonable access as you need and is available
  • Equals £150 annually

How to book

If this is your first time using Lightbox Darkroom, please read First-time bookings below – you will need to complete an induction workshop.

Once you have completed a workshop, simply contact me by email and let me know when you’d like to hire your first darkroom session. A payment link will be sent before your first visit. Thereafter, you’ll have access to an online calendar to book your remaining sessions.


Lightbox darkroom will be open 7 days a week, between 9:00am and 9:00pm, you will able to book the darkroom out exclusively for as long as you need during the day.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening
Monday-Saturday * 9:00am – 9.00pm
Sunday Closed 1:00pm – 9:00pm

* Availability over Saturday and Sunday may differ when workshops are scheduled.

First-time bookings

First-time bookers will be required to complete a darkroom workshop prior to using the darkroom by themselves.

Professional photographer induction

If you are a professional photographer, there are no restrictions to hiring the darkroom and the induction will simply cover room and building safety and familiarisation, lasting approximately 45 mins. We can do this before you start using the darkroom for the first time. There will be a £25 charge for the induction.

If you are a professional photographer who has never used darkroom equipment before, or need a refresher, we strongly advise that you take a longer print workshops first.

Amateur photographer

If you are an amateur photographer, you will have to take the darkroom workshop before hiring the room. This is both a requirement for insurance purposes, and is also the safest way of ensuring you optimise your time in the darkroom as safely as possible.

Induction day requirements

On the day of your workshop or first use of the darkroom, we will need you to provide proof of address (a recent utility bill will do) and ID (driving license or passport) on arrival. Both requirements are to satisfy our insurers.

Darkroom induction

An induction is the basic black & white film processing and printing workshop and can be booked on the Workshop page. Each workshop session can accommodate a maximum of two attendees. We can accept just the printing workshop as an induction if you plan to or already process your film at home.

During the workshop we'll cover:

  • darkroom and building safety procedures;
  • how to use chemicals to develop film (film workshop only);
  • how to use the enlargers (print workshop only);
  • how to use chemicals to print a photograph (print workshop only).

Please ensure you bring your ID, proof of address (a recent household bill) for insurance purposes.

Booking an induction

To attend a workshop, please book on the events page.